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Quality politics


The Management of COTRAPORT, SCCL,Aware of the importance of quality when satisfying the needs of its clients and other interested parties, it has implemented an effective and efficient Quality System, thus achieving the benefits of all interested parties, assuming the commitment to continuous improvement and the adaptation to new changes.

The team that we form COTRAPORT, SCCL takes into account the needs of our clients to provide a service of excellence, which is the reason for our growth and the trust that our clients place in us. Always offering an exclusive service to the client.

COTRAPORT, SCCL has taken on the challenge of implementing a Quality Management System based on the UNE-EN-ISO 9001 Standard for this purpose and as a formalization of its commitment to evolution and improvement, with the following scope:



This policy will provide a framework for establishing the Objectives, it will also mark the future of the company and will support its strategic direction and define the context of COTRAPORT, SCCL for its expansion and for its consolidation in the market, having Continuous Improvement in the organization, these objectives being appropriate to its nature and taking into account the vision and future of the company.

Always seek Customer Satisfaction as our maximum, helping each other to grow and have fruitful relationships to increase their satisfaction.

Provide ourselves with a highly Competitive and Trained workforce through professional improvement processes based on continuous training, evaluating their competence and training, to carry out essence creation work in accordance with our requirements and those of the clients.

The continuous improvement of our processes and services reflected in innovation, the continuous training of its workers and the adaptation of the company to both technological and social changes.

The correct development of the implementation of the Quality System is everyone’s responsibility and has the support and commitment of Management, promoting the use of the process approach and risk-based thinking.

All areas and activities of our company are oriented towards customer satisfaction, meeting their requirements and regulatory requirements. We seek to achieve the loyalty of all our clients through a high degree of customer satisfaction.

At COTRAPORT, SCCL we understand Quality as a responsibility that is assumed and shared by all the people who make up the company, its suppliers, its clients and the administration. Obtaining Continuous Improvement every year in both our processes and our services.

Compliance with the Legal and Regulatory Requirements that COTRAPORT, SCCL subscribes will also be carried out, and even elevate this compliance above those requirements.

The management of COTRAPORT, SCCL will disseminate this policy at all levels, review it and keep it in force.