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About us

Board members

Jorge Fernandez Navarrete


Juan Vicente Guerrero Quintana


Juan Jose Hernandez Cruz


Marc Prat Mampel


Pablo Mendez Dorta


Our values

Equality, Equity, Solidarity and Transparency.


An essential condition for development and daily coexistence due to the coincidence between the approaches to the values and principles of cooperativism and the fulfillment of human rights in an equal manner and without any preference.


The way in which members are treated within the cooperative and the way to reward them for their participation in the cooperative. Give each individual what they deserve based on their availability and qualities.


The responsibility to ensure the collective interest of its members.


It allows partners to make informed decisions and participate in management. It helps to build trust between partners and improve the image abroad.

Cooperative principles

These values are put into practice through cooperative principles.

Voluntary and open membership

Open to all people able to use the services and willing to accept the responsibilities of being members, without any type of discrimination.

Democratic management by partners

Democratically managed by the partners, who have equal rights and duties and actively participate in the definition of policies and decision-making. Board members, elected to represent and manage the cooperative, are accountable to members.

Economic participation of partners

The members contribute equitably to the capital of the cooperative and manage it democratically. To be a member of the cooperative it is necessary to make a capital contribution. A part of the surplus obtained must be used for the development of the cooperative itself, to ensure its long-term viability. Another part will be used for the training of members. Finally, a part of the surpluses obtained can be used to compensate the participation of the members in the cooperative activity.

Education, training and information

We allocate a part of its surplus to training cooperative members, to ensure that all of them have a good understanding of the complexity and richness of cooperatives and have the necessary skills to carry out their responsibilities effectively. We feel responsible for informing and disseminating cooperativism.


Juan Pozo Aguilera


Marina Rumeu

Partner attention

Dara Lobatón

Partner attention

Juan Carlos López


Monica Millan


Esther Lucenilla

Traffic and Billing

Selena Carpio

Billing and Administration

Silvia Ollé